About Us

Paul Anthony (guitar, vocals)

     Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Paul started playing guitar at age five. He was gigging professionally at 15 and soon joined one of Cleveland's top bands Real Steel at only 16! The band's huge following soon landed them a deal with Auburn Records. At a very young age Paul was opening for many major acts such as Rick Derringer, Blackfoot, Savatage and The Bullet Boys just to name a few! 
     Unfortunately all good things come to an end and after five hard working years, internal differences left him no other choice but to leave his beloved Real Steel.
Soon after, in January of 1994, The Paul Anthony Band was formed. After a year of gigging around the Cleveland scene the band and their families decided to move to warm and sunny St. Petersburg, Florida.
With several albums under there belt and having opened for many major acts including Jimmy Buffett, Dokken and Jimmy Van Zant, the PAB has become a well respected band around the Tampa Bay area! The band continues to maintain a full time schedule playing the area’s top clubs.
     "A power trio with a little something for everyone," the PAB is a wise choice for most any occasion!

Doug Catalano (drums, vocals)

     Blame it all on his brother Paul who gave him his first drum set in 1968. Within a year of practicing to every Motown song available Doug put his first band together and was soon gigging professionally.
     After many years of playing with great local talents, he finally met Paul at a local jam. The two clicked right off the bat and impressed by his amazing drum skills, Paul soon asked Doug to join him on his mission.
Doug has currently been in the PAB for six years and hopes to be in many more. His passion for playing drums and positive attitude continue to propel the band forward!

Paul Kruse (bass, vocals)

     A Florida native, Paul Kruse was born and raised in Largo, Florida. He found himself naturally drawn to the bass guitar at the early age of 17. Constantly practicing to Jaco, Flee and all the great bass players in between, playing professionally came almost over night. He has played in some of the area's top bands such as The Edgewater Band and Rebel Pride.
     Now rejoining the Paul Anthony Band, the sky is the limit for this young and aspiring bass player! Both Paul and Paul Anthony share a chemistry on stage that just doesn't happen every day!